Now that Summer is here there’s no better time to go on a road trip.

There’s just something about road trips that help bond a relationship, whether it be family, friend or loved one. However, not if you take a road trip without car gadgets!

They can end up being mind-numbingly boring – being stuck in traffic or looking at miles on miles of fields! Scarier still, imagine getting a dead battery and being stranded in the middle of nowhere! An instant way to kill the vibe of your road trip… and put a strain on your relationship!

So, we’ve put together this article to help list some of the coolest car gadgets out there at the moment that will help make your car ride entertaining and useful car accessories that will come in handy in an emergency.


A top-notch Sat Nav

car gadgets

You may think that Sat Navs are obsolete because every smartphone has GPS navigation now, but they do not compare to a quality, dedicated Sat Nav.

You can pick one that detects buildings and landmarks, meaning you will be able to check out things you didn’t even know existed. The real-time traffic information is a dream always to get you on the quickest route. Plus, those handy speed camera alerts will keep you out of trouble too!


Smartphone Mount

If you insist on just using your smartphone to navigate, then you will need a good mount to display it on your dash nicely.

The classic smartphone mount that sucks onto your window is one of the most useful car accessories, but you can now get some slicker car gadgets that work metallically.



car gadgets

There’s nothing like driving the scenic route and taking in all that gorgeous view – you want to be able to experience it forever.

So, you try to take a video on your phone. But then you actually miss seeing the view! This is why dash cams are great!! You can capture the memories on your dash am and just soak up all that scenery with your own eyes whilst in the car.

However, the dashcam is one of the coolest car gadgets for another reason – it can help protect you when you’re in an accident. Sadly, it can’t help protect you physically, but if you collide with an unscrupulous driver, there is always an argument over who is to blame.

With your dashcam footage, you can capture exactly what happened, meaning you could save thousands of dollars on your insurance too.


Portable Jump Starter Kit

Let’s discuss another couple of car gadgets that are a useful car accessory to have for practical reasons rather than for entertainment. Whilst we’d like to hope that if we break down on the side of the road, someone chivalrous will come and save the day and jumpstart our car, we cannot guarantee it! So why not take this risk out of the equation and have a portable jump starter kit in your car?

They essentially act as a backup battery source that you can clamp onto your car’s battery when it dies. Some will even test your battery and alternator and tell you what’s going wrong.


LED Road Flares

Being stranded on the side of the road is never fun, and imagine if you get stuck in an area with no signal on your phone! Sending a flare up is definitely a way to get noticed by others and let them know you’re in danger.

However, flares are generally dangerous. But now you can get LED road flares which are reusable and rainproof!


USB Charger

Staying connected will be an absolute essential for a road trip, especially if you have youngsters in the car. Who knows what would happen if one of the devices loses power?!

One of the coolest car gadgets is a Bluetooth-enabled USB charger that slots into your cigarette lighter slot but can also be Alexa-enabled! This means voice command fun for your car ride!


Portable Expresso Machine

car gadgetsAn absolute necessity for long drives!

This useful car gadget is a handheld device that can pour you a perfect cup of coffee in seconds! Save hours off your drive by not stopping at gas stations, for what is usually poor coffee anyway!

It can fit perfectly in your car’s cup holder and can be used with all ground coffee, allowing you complete flexibility.


First Aid Survival Kit

This is not exactly a “cool car gadget”, but it’s an absolute no-brainer if you’re going to be going on long drives.

These survival kits contain the usual First Aid items, but also things like a can opener or a torch, so if you are caught out late at night somewhere, you have tools to keep you going.


Portable Breathalyser

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It’s understandable if you’re on the road a lot, but you want to be able to enjoy a drink with your meal when you stop. But you need to ensure that you’re safe and below the legal limit for driving.

You can get a portable breathalyser that analyses your blood alcohol level and lets you know whether you’re safe to drive or not. This useful car gadget will help keep you and your loved ones safe.


Bluetooth Kit

If you don’t have Bluetooth already built into your car, then no problem! A Bluetooth kit is just a few dollars and will allow you to safely make/answer your calls and play music via your phone, to your car’s speakers.

Simple, but definitely one of the most useful car accessories!


Roo Bag’s Car Tidy Bag

Call us biased, but we think our car tidy bags are the coolest gadget on this list.

They are great at organising your car and/or holding the litter until you can discharge it accordingly. The bags are made of waterproof 3mm genuine neoprene, meaning they are very durable, washable and can fit most objects.

They come in two different sizes and many beautiful stamps to add a style touch to your vehicle.


We believe that with this list of useful car accessories, your road trips will prove to be an exciting and safe driving experience.


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