combo pack 8 (2)

  • Combo Pack 8

    $74.99 "inc. GST"

    Included in the Combo Pack 8 - 01 Duff Beer Roo bags (large), 01 Kombi Roo bags (large) and 01 Spring Roo bags (large).

  • Combo Pack 9

    $44.99 "inc. GST"

    This combo pack is ideal for you who love pets and would like to start your day with gratitude. You also will contribute to the preservation of the environment and honour one of Australia’s best-known animals: Roo. 

    Are included in this pack 9: five (5) units of Roo bags Thank You; five (5) units of Roo bags Bulldogs; five (5) units of ROO BAGS® Logo.