100 grams Nonwoven Roo Bags (4)

  • ROO BAGS® Logo – Nonwoven Fabric

    $4.99 "inc. GST"

    This eco-friendly car tidy bag made from 100g Nonwoven Fabric with the ROO BAGS® Logo is an example for the corporate packs project. Besides being an efficient and inexpensive way to market your business, you still contribute to the environment and make your customers happy with your gift.

    In addition, this car tidy bag with the ROO BAGS® Logo is available for purchase. Order yours and help to preserve our precious Environment, and honour one of the Australia’s best-known animals: Roo!

  • Bulldogs

    $4.99 "inc. GST"

    This car tidy bag is ideal for you who love pets. This bag will bring more joy to the interior of your vehicle because you will always remember your good moments with your pet, wherever you go.

  • Thank You

    $4.99 "inc. GST"

    This eco-friendly car tidy bag is for those who are grateful for the life they have and the state they live in. Gratitude is the greatest attitude of love. Gratitude is an attitude that changes the vibe of people. So, start your day with sincere gratitude. And share this with everyone who comes into your vehicle. Let joy spread to all who surround you.

  • Combo Pack 9

    $44.99 "inc. GST"

    This combo pack is ideal for you who love pets and would like to start your day with gratitude. You also will contribute to the preservation of the environment and honour one of Australia’s best-known animals: Roo. 

    Are included in this pack 9: five (5) units of Roo bags Thank You; five (5) units of Roo bags Bulldogs; five (5) units of ROO BAGS® Logo.