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Environment and Sustainability: 20 Resolutions for 2023!

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At the start of a new year, many people make a list of resolutions. And commit to making changes in the coming new year.

Therefore, we propose some ideas for New Year’s resolutions, which can and should be incorporated into everyone’s routine, so that we can present ourselves with a more sustainable life for ourselves and for all the inhabitants of the Earth. 

There is no need to enter all resolutions at once. The suggestion is to choose the ones that you find easier to include in your routine and then add new actions.

We invite you to read the suggestions carefully and adopt them within your possibilities.

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Below are ideas for New Year’s resolutions, which can and should be incorporated into everyone’s routine.

1-Replace plastic bags with cardboard boxes or ecobags when going to the supermarket, markets, bakeries, pharmacies and for shopping in general

2-Use reusable cups to avoid the consumption of disposable plastic cups

3-Avoid plastic straws or replace with reusable straws

4-Use solid shampoo and conditioner, avoiding the disposal of packaging in the environment

5-Adopt a minimalist lifestyle, reducing your consumption of products in general. Buying only what is necessary and investing more in experiences

6-Reduce the consumption of products of animal origin in food, clothing and cosmetics. Or rather, eliminate the consumption of these items in your life. But this transition can be gradual

7-Read more about sustainability and conscious consumption, watch more videos, documentaries, lectures and interviews with environmental activists as a way to improve your level of knowledge and information on the subject

8-Replace sponges made of plastic with vegetable sponges

9-Research and learn more about the environmental practices and projects of the brands you consume. And opt for those that demonstrate an effective commitment to the environment. This goes for all types of products such as clothing, accessories, building materials, and technology items

10-When building or renovating, opt for more sustainable building systems and coatings

11-Support Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and projects that invest in environmental sustainability

12-Separate wet garbage from recycled garbage at home and at work, and provide for the proper disposal of garbage

13-Be aware of possible water leaks in your home, and reduce the time spent in the shower during your personal hygiene routine, including turning off the tap

14-Opt for bamboo toothbrushes and personal hygiene products with recycled or recyclable packaging

15-Seek to properly dispose of glass packaging so that they can be recycled

16-Educate your children to adopt a less consumerist life, avoiding buying toys and gifts all the time

17-Reduce consumption of styrofoam, plastic and disposable products in general

18-Adopt composting, reusing vegetable waste. Composting can be done at home or outsourced to companies specialized in this activity

19-Closely monitor the management of our political representatives, demanding environmental responsibility from them in their actions and projects and only vote for those who are truly committed to the environment and the future of the planet

20-Seek activities with more contact with nature. This proximity can help to increase the perception of its beauty and its importance, valuing everything it provides us. And, from this experience, connect more with nature and take better care of it and our planet

And finally, use the Roo bags, your eco-friendly car tidy bags, to help to preserve our precious Environment!

We’ve developed an eco-friendly product to help us to do our bit to reduce environmental harm!

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More than wishing you an excellent new year, we invite you to build a better new year with the adoption of practices and actions that contribute to a better world for all of us.

Thank you!

Andrea Luz

ROO BAGS® Director


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