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  • Classic BMW

    $29.99 "inc. GST"

    This eco-friendly car tidy bag was made especially for lovers of vintage cars and classics of all brands. The classic BMW is an icon for those in love with cars.

  • Dog & Music

    $29.99 "inc. GST"

    This Roo car tidy bag was made for you who are passionate about pets and at the same time enjoy music. What a beautiful bulldog relaxing while listening to lovely music! This bag will bring more joy to the interior of your vehicle because you will always remember your good moments with your pet, wherever you go. Embellish the interior of your car with this captivating and cute car tidy bag.

  • Waratah

    $29.99 "inc. GST"

    Waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal word ‘warada’ meaning ‘beautiful’.

    The beautiful waratah is not only the NSW floral emblem, it's also one of the best-known Australian native plants.

    The waratah has a vibrant crimson flowerhead, measuring up to 15cm across, and blossoms in spring. Growing to a maximum height of 4m, this shrub has dark-green leathery serrated leaves. It produces magnificent crimson flower heads and similarly red-coloured outer petals, known as bracts.

    Keep your car clean and tidy with this beautiful eco-friendly car tidy bag which is made in Australia!! 

    In addition, help to preserve our precious Environment!